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Tenor : Tahun

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Asuransi Mobil Daihatsu Bandung

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07 May 2013

Service Daihatsu Sirion Bandung

Program Service All New Sirion Bandung - Perawatan Berkala Mobil Daihatsu Sirion Bandung :
  • Berdasarkan Jarak Tempuh Kilometer (Km).
  • Berdasarkan Waktu Pemakaian (Bulan).
Keterangan Daftar Harga Service Daihatsu All New Sirion Bandung dapat dilihat pada tabel dibawah ini :
Harga Service Daihatsu Sirion Bandung Jarak Tempuh Kilometer (Km)
10.000 20.000 30.000 40.000 50.000 60.000
Jangka Waktu Pemakaian (Bulan)
6 12 18 24 30 36
Harga Service 821.413 985.313 887.562 1.494.006 887.562 985.313
Layanan Program Service kendaraan All New Sirion Bandung, bebas kenaikan harga.
Service Berkala
Juliatna Muslim, ST
Telp. : 0818 0990 0024 - 0823 1665 1112
Pin BB : 26D957E0
Email : daftar harga & paket kredit mobil bandung
PT Tunas Ridean Tbk
Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 725 B - Bandung (Depan Metro Margahayu)

Sales Daihatsu Bandung

Sales Tunas Daihatsu Bandung
Sales Tunas Daihatsu
0818 0990 0024
0823 1665 1112
0899 5660 738

Promo Daihatsu Bandung

  • Pesan sekarang juga mobil murah Daihatsu Bandung :
    * Daihatsu Ayla Bandung
  • Promo April Tahun 2014.
  • Pricelist terbaru & terlengkap.
  • Harga dan Diskon Terbaik.
    Nego : 0823 1665 1112
  • Bonus Aksesoris Menarik.
  • Uang Muka atau DP Murah.
  • Rate Bunga Rendah.
  • Angsuran / Cicilan Ringan.
  • Jangka Tenor : 1 - 5 tahun.
  • Persyaratan Kredit Mudah.
  • Proses Cepat & Transparan.
  • Asuransi Mobil - All Risk Full.
  • Sedia Layanan Antar Jemput.
  • Layanan Marketing 24 Jam.
  • Test Drive Ready (* all type).
  • Bursa Mobil Bekas Bandung : Terima Tukar Tambah Mobil Lama / Bekas dengan Harga Tinggi (* semua tipe mobil).

Diskon Daihatsu Bandung

Promo Diskon Daihatsu Bandung

Dealer Daihatsu Bandung

Dealer Tunas Daihatsu Bandung
Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 725 B Bandung
Tlp.  : (022) 6154 7779
Fax. : (022) 733 5 666

Tunas Daihatsu Bandung

Dealer Tunas Daihatsu Bandung
Dealer Daihatsu Bandung Melayani 24 Jam 7 Hari

Related Informations

Service Daihatsu Bandung

Booking Service Daihatsu Bandung
Bengkel Daihatsu Bandung
Telp. : (022) 7033 9950
Daihatsu Bandung is an authorized dealer engaged in the sales and marketing of Daihatsu vehicles in the Bandung city and surrounding areas. Providing reliable informations about latest Price List OTR, Credit Package, along with Discount and Bonus Promo of Daihatsu Bandung Vehicles including are Ayla, Xenia, Terios, Sirion, Gran Max, and Luxio. The fields of business are: Dealer (Showroom - Service - Spare Parts), Buying & Selling, Trade-In, Cash & Credit either New or Used Bandung Cars.

Innovative Compact Vehicles :
Constantly innovating to create compact car at affordable prices in accordance with market demand, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Produce cars with the best value and provide related services that are essential to increase the value of stakeholders and environmentally friendly. Develop and inspire employees to achieve world-class performance. Continues to build itself into a "global brand is loved around the world and" a company that has the confidence and pride ", through the production of innovative and leading cars in every era.

New slogan "Innovation for Tomorrow" is a company's commitment to always achieve innovation by producing high quality products that can benefit the wider community and environment friendly.

Vision :
Become No. 1 in the compact car market in Indonesia and the main global production base for Daihatsu Group / Toyota are the same as the Japanese factory quality standards.

Mission :
1. We produce the best value compact car and provide related services that are important to increase stakeholder value and environmentally friendly.
2. We develop and inspire employees to achieve world-class performance.

Participate and play a role in reducing the environmental impact and contribute to building a sustainable business. Aware of public health is the basic requirement to achieve a better future. Committed to contribute to improving the quality of education in line with the company's business development. Committed to grow flowers along with empowering communities to improve people's welfare.

Daihatsu Bandung (Authorized Daihatsu Dealer) merupakan dealer resmi yang bergerak dibidang penjualan kendaraan Daihatsu di kota Bandung dan sekitarnya. Menyediakan layanan informasi terkini Daftar Harga OTR terbaru, Paket Kredit, serta Promo Diskon & Bonus kendaraan Daihatsu Bandung meliputi Ayla, Xenia, Terios, Sirion, Gran Max, & Luxio. Bidang Usaha: Dealer (Showroom - Service - Spare Parts), Jasa Jual-Beli, Tukar-Tambah, Tunai & Kredit mobil Bandung Baru maupun Bekas.
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